Clean Milk for
People & Planet.

We envision a future where all children and families anywhere in the world have access to safe, clean milk and milk products of full-composition, function, and flavor.


TurtleTree Lab’s proprietary cell-based processes of creating clean milk completely bypass the environmental degradation and animal welfare issues of industrial dairy, nourishing individuals and societies and reducing environmental, social, and economic stressors.


TurtleTree Lab’s proprietary cell-based processes of creating clean milk completely bypass the environmental degradation and animal welfare issues of industrial dairy, nourishing individuals and societies and reducing environmental, social, and economic stressors.


Supported by leading scientific, governmental, and investment partners, TurtleTree Labs will license technical capabilities to the world’s leading packaging facilities to scale rapidly into the US$716B global dairy market.



Sustainable cell-based food tech 3.0 startup addresses US$716B global dairy market and environmental crisis with ‘clean milk’

TurtleTree Labs is a big-vision, proprietary sustainable food technology venture boldly addressing a multi-billion dollar global dairy market opportunity with the capability to create enormous financial and social value by providing accessible nourishment while staving off the threats of food, economic, and socio-political insecurities.

About the Company

TurtleTree Labs is a Singapore-based startup addressing the value gap created by an insufficient and unsustainable animal-based dairy industry. Cell-based methods are used to make ‘clean milk’ and cultured milk products. Founders include alumni of Google, other U.S. and Asian productively disruptive technology ventures, and a leading U.S. traditional dairy.

Products and Services

The company has created patent-protected technologies to make full-composition, full-functionality, full-flavor milk referencing humanely selected dairy cow cells then mimicking the natural process of milk production in the lab, essentially making real milk without the pollution, inefficient use of land, water and energy (natural resources), pathogen and disease risk, and tangled

regulatory politics. The product will be 95% less resource consumptive. TurtleTree will own the technologies that make the milk, leveraging and enabling its IP across global regions and manufacturers. Principal revenue streams include licensing, enablement consulting, and royalties. Additional revenue may include branded consumer products distributed regionally by global dairy companies.

Strategic Considerations

The company is advantaged by committed support from the various Singapore government agencies, in alignment with Singapore's goals to produce 30% of its own nutritional needs by 2030. The company will first address a propitious market opportunity in Asia, then move into other promising market areas similarly driven by increasing populations seeking better nourishment or encumbered by poor dairy infrastructure and declining environmental quality. Licensing the technology to powerful local processors and distributors pierces their hegemonic operating environments and defenses, further building company value. TurtleTree improves on each key driver—Nutritional value, food safety, convenience.


TurtleTree Labs acellular technology works by culturing mammary cells in-vitro and inducing their natural ability to produce all components of milk. Cellular agriculture is entirely safe and widely used in the market today.

The first step involves obtaining stem cells from sources such as milk. They are then transferred into an environment where they convert into mammary gland cells. The mammary gland cells interact with a special formula which causes the cells to lactate. The end product - milk is obtained through a filtration process

Stem Cells






Fengru Lin

Chief Executive Officer

Max Rye

Chief Strategist

Dr Gen Yong

Chief Technological Officer

Fengru Lin

As our CEO, Fengru leads the overall TurtleTree Labs team. What started as a passion to make cheese turns into a hunt for good quality milk in Asia. Her sourcing attempt failed which prompted Fengru to dive into the idea of creating milk herself. With this, Fengru boldly founded TurtleTree Labs to create milk through cell-based methods. This technology will shape the future of not just how we get our dairy milk, but disrupt the whole infant nutrition market! For the first time in history, we are able to create real milk without having to go through an animal.

Max Rye

As our Chief Strategist, Max’s focus is on leading the TurtleTree Labs Team to transform the global milk industry. He holds a Computer Science degree from University of California. Hailing 20+ years of executive experience in the tech space, Max believes that technology can solve the world's biggest problems. Using cell-based technology TurtleTree Labs is able to create mammalian milk including human breast milk which will transform the entire infant formula industry. Max formulates strategies and gives direction to the team to accelerate the company’s growth to the next level.

Dr Gen Yong

As our Chief Technological Officer, Dr. Gen Yong will oversee the Bio-processing unit in the design and implementation of bioreactors for TurtleTree Labs. Dr. Gen Yong is an experienced scientist and innovator with over 10 years of international experience in academic and industrial R&D in the healthcare and materials space. Dr. Gen Yong has helped spin-off 2 successful start-ups. His rich experience in adding value and impact via research commercialization and value capture to ecosystem partners in the medtech, food and nutrition and healthcare spaces, is invaluable to TurtleTree Labs.

Dr Jonathan Loh

Chief Innovation Officer

Mkulima Britt

Finance Advisor

Billie Thein

Marketing Advisor

Dr Jonathan Loh

As our Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Jonathan takes point on the various products and technologies that the company adopts. Dr. Jonathan earned a PhD in Integrative Sciences and Engineering, and then a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School. With several grants and two patents to his name, Dr. Jonathan has garnered worldwide acclaim for his research in cell fate engineering, cellular reprogramming, and regenerative medicine among other fields of stem cell technology. He has won numerous national, regional, and international accolades, most notable of which were the World Technology Award and MIT TR35 Asia Pacific awards for his breakthroughs in biotechnology.

Mkulima “M” Britt

Prior to TurtleTree, Mkulima was an executive in the US dairy industry for +20 years. 'M' is an owner of Clover Sonoma and has lead the company in various roles, COO, CFO and during that time grew revenues 3x to $200M.

Billie Thein

Brand strategy and marketing in premium functional, dairy, and plant-based food and beverage.



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